ASSAP Hydrogel

The first Nanomed3D SAP available for distribution

Anti-Spreading Self Assembling Peptide or ASSAP

ASSAP Hydrogel is a synthetic matrix that is used to create defined three-dimensional (3D) micro-environments for a variety of cell culture experiments. ASSAP nanostructured hydrophilic hydrogel inhibits cell attachment and spreading and provides a nanostructured synthetic microenvironment that can be tuned to specific cell types allowing the culture of “difficult-to-culture” cells such as Lung, Breast and Colon stem cells.


ASSAP provides the typical nanostructured topography of the extracellular matrix, thus mimicking the physiological niches of stem cells found in tissues. This minimizes cell spreading without preventing cell low-attachment, thus fostering their proliferation and preserving their stemness: a paramount result of great importance to future therapeutic applications.

ASSAP Hydrogel consists of a well-defined mixture of standard synthetic amino acids (1% w/v) and 99% water. Under physiological conditions, the peptide component self-assembles into a 3D hydrogel that exhibits a nanometer scale fibrous structure (Figure 1). The hydrogel can be readily formed in culture dishes, multi-well plates, or cell culture inserts. ASSAP applications include 2D and 3D cell cultures and in vivo cellular or drug therapies.

Figure 1

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