Facing the Challenges of Regenerative Medicine

Living cells interact with each other and with their surroundings in complex and unique ways. The biological world is three dimensional and yet since its beginning, biology has been carried out on the flat surfaces of test tubes, slides and petri dishes. The growing field of regenerative medicine requires controlled, predictable and scalable environments for cell culture.

  • Cells require a three dimensional space to thrive, differentiate and form tissues
  • Some types of cell do not grow outside of the body unless they are embedded in the appropriate structure
  • Manipulating cells can alter their structure and function
  • Materials used to handle and treat cells which are then re-implanted must be biocompatible, sterile and innocuous
  • Each type of cell has it’s own precise 3D microenvironment for optimum cellular homeastasis and function
  • Cells which have been outside the body may not graft graft, survive or differentiate when re-implanted