Nanomed3D is a nanobiotech company

which designs and produces proprietary functionalized self-assembling peptides for research,
medical devices and future therapies.


We are a multi-disciplinary team featuring more than two decades of expertise in neuroregeneration, tissue engineering, nanomedicine and material science.

Our expertise encompasses nanomaterials, stem cell harvesting and transplantation, GMP production, molecular modeling, electro-spinning, drug release, peptide synthesis, in vitro and in vivo tests of novel bioprosthetics.


Nanomed3D facilities are located in Milan (Italy) and in San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy).

They include:

Biomaterial Synthesis lab

– Standard and Co-axial Electro-spinning setup
– Automated Microwave Peptide synthesizer
– Chemical Hood
– Semi-prep and analytical HPLC
– Lyophilizers
– Sonicators

Molecular Biology lab

– Chemical hoods
– Equipment for phage-display
– Automated multi-well plate-reader
– Spectrophotometer

Tissue Culture rooms

– Vertical and horizontal flow hoods
– Incubators
– Routine microscopes
– Stereo microscopes
– Manipulators

Biomaterial Characterization lab

– Atomic force microscope
– Rheometer
– Gold-Sputter Coater
– Stereo microscopes

Histology lab

– Cryostat
– Chemical hood
– MilliQ water purification
– Autoclave

High-Performance Computing Core

– CPU and GPU nodes cluster

Cell Banking

Nitrogen tanks
– -80C freezers

Microscopy areas

– Apotome and time-lapse imaging systems