Nanomed3D technology, based on hydrogels of biomimetic peptides, perfectly fits the need for the next-generation products in cosmetics and, in particular facial and eye treatments.

Nanomed3D SAPs are synthetic but inspired by Mother Nature: as such they warrant both strict control of the production process and exceptional tolerance given by their peptidic chemistry.

Nanomed3D SAPs spontaneously self-assemble in neutral pH-solutions to form highly hydrated gels, which can be used as carriers of active biomimetic peptides perfectly integrated in their nanostructured texture or provide protective nanofibrous networks and nanosheets against skin damage and aging.  Nanomed3D already developed Nano Moisturizer, a transparent SAP, decorated with a set of peptidic functional motifs fostering collagen and elastin production in human fibroblasts that spontaneously jellifies upon application.

Given the high impact of its technology, Nanomed3D is also promoting the usage of SAPs as excipients for products of other cosmetic companies worldwide.

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